Seether Fine Again

Seether Fine Again

What does Sether's song Fine N mean? ۔

I need the best explanation.

Here is the link to the clip on YouTube:

I think most songs are written with lyrics that can be interpreted in different ways, people will find different meanings depending on their current life situation. I always felt that this song was intermittent, I stopped looking for things about O. He doesn't think he's going to forget, it looks like he's there, he can stay. His dream is ■■■■ (maybe his dream about this girl) and there is nothing left to accuse him of (if he leaves her he is guilty) c 'I guess.

Fine n lyrics.

Ok i am 4 ... I hate everything about you 3 day grace, so it's real :) from the beginning. Past __ ___ M Mid I faded with Dell and related :) and commitment in songs]

Many verses of the song can be interpreted through the art of singer Sean MK, who has some problems with ions in alcohol. Fine N is a sad song, infinite contradiction in terms of lyrics. Staying healthy means staying healthy and it's not easy. It is difficult to solve this problem even with the group and your boyfriend at the same time.

It's hard to appreciate the world without the euphoria that alcohol gives: it seems like every day is the same ...

I'm a little sad Every day is a struggle.

Maybe his group wants him to get up and move on: they say it's over ...

Promise me to get rid of it too much, now think: one day / too late, I'll enter.

This ion destroys its partner, thinking that it passes through its ion.

That way you look good after a breakup.

Seether Fine Again