Definition of Secular:

  1. Secular trends and secular stocks are those in which investors and analysts expect to remain moving in the same direction over the long term. The clean-energy movement is a more recent secular trend, and experts project it to stay relevant for the foreseeable future. Another example is the growth in impact investing, where investors choose investments that will have beneficial social and environmental results in the local communities.

  2. Not cyclical or temporary, but long term.

  3. Denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis.

  4. Secular is a descriptive word used to refer to market activities that occur over the long term. Secular can also point to specific stocks or stock sectors, unaffected by short-term trends. Secular trends are not seasonal or cyclical. Instead, they remain consistent over time. Secular stocks maintain a static trajectory regardless of current economic trends. When applying the term to the stock market, a secular market is the market's overarching trend or direction for five years or more. Further, secular trends may be upward or downward in direction.

  5. Of or denoting slow changes in the motion of the sun or planets.

  6. Occurring once every century or similarly long period (used especially in reference to celebratory games in ancient Rome).

  7. (of clergy) not subject to or bound by religious rule; not belonging to or living in a monastic or other order.

  8. (of a fluctuation or trend) occurring or persisting over an indefinitely long period.

  9. Totally non-religious.

  10. A secular priest.

Synonyms of Secular

Philistine, Annual, Biannual, Biennial, Bimonthly, Biweekly, Bodily, Brother, Carnal, Carnal-minded, Catamenial, Catechumen, Centenary, Centennial, Centesimal, Centigrado, Centuple, Centuplicate, Centurial, Church member, Churchman, Churchwoman, Civil, Communicant, Congregational, Corporal, Corporeal, Daily, Decennial, Diurnal, Down-to-earth, Earthly, Earthy, Fleshly, Fortnightly, Hardheaded, Hebdomadal, Hourly, Hundredfold, Hundredth, Hylic, Laic, Laical, Lay, Lay brother, Lay sister, Layman, Laywoman, Material, Materialistic, Materiate, Matter-of-fact, Menstrual, Momentary, Momently, Monthly, Mundane, Nonclerical, Nonecclesiastical, Nonministerial, Nonordained, Nonpastoral, Nonreligious, Nonsacred, Nonspiritual, Parishioner, Physical, Popular, Positivistic, Practical, Practical-minded, Pragmatic, Profane, Quarterly, Quotidian, Rational, Realist, Realistic, Reasonable, Reprobate, Sane, Scientific, Scientistic, Secularist, Secularistic, Semestral, Semiannual, Semimonthly, Semiweekly, Semiyearly, Sensible, Sister, Sober-minded, Somatic, Sound, Sound-thinking, State, Straight-thinking, Substantial, Temporal, Terrestrial, Tertian, Triennial, Unblessed, Unhallowed, Unholy, Unideal, Unidealistic, Unregenerate, Unromantic, Unsacred, Unsanctified, Unsentimental, Unspiritual, Weekly, Worldly, Yearly, Non-religious, Lay, Non-church, Temporal, Worldly, Earthly, Profane

How to use Secular in a sentence?

  1. Secular buildings.
  2. The rate of recruitment is probably better than that of the secular clergy, but this may be because a large percentage of the monks do not go on to priesthood.
  3. There is evidence that the slump is not cyclical but secular.
  4. Secular movement can be either positive or negative in its direction.
  5. Secular refers to market activities over the long term or a stock that isn't influenced by short-term factors.
  6. A secular trend, stock or market is one that is likely to continue moving in the same direction for the foreseeable future.
  7. Most priests were seculars, living in the world and working amongst ordinary people.
  8. Secular stocks include technology firms such as Netflix and eCommerce leaders such as Amazon.

Meaning of Secular & Secular Definition