Secular Market Trends Occur Over The Long-Term

Secular Market Trends Occur Over The Long-Term,

How Do You Define Secular Market Trends Occur Over The Long-Term?

  • Secular Market Trends Occur Over The Long-Term means: Secular is a descriptive term that refers to long-term market activity. Secularists can also target specific stocks or stock sectors that are not affected by short-term trends. Secular trends are not seasonal or cyclical. Instead, they are permanent over time. Secular stocks maintain steady growth regardless of current economic trends. When the term is applied to the stock market, the secular market is the general trend or direction of the market for five years or more. Secular trends can go up or down.

    • Secular refers to long-term market activity or bonds that are not affected by short-term factors.
    • Secular trends, stocks or markets go in the same direction in the future.
    • Secular stocks include tech companies like Netflix and major e-commerce companies like Amazon.
    • Worldly movements can be positive or negative.

Literal Meanings of Secular Market Trends Occur Over The Long-Term


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