Definition of Section:

  1. Orthographic projection showing internal features of an object, as if the picture plane has cut through it at a certain angle. Also called sectional view.

  2. Distinct part or division of a document or legal instrument, represented by the typographical symbol §.

  3. Land area one-mile square, equal to 640 acres. Also called section of land.

Synonyms of Section

KP, Abscission, Adjunct, Airspace, Allocate, Allot, Amputation, Anacrusis, Anastomotic operation, Apportion, Area, Army, Army group, Article, Back matter, Bass passage, Battalion, Battery, Battle group, Belt, Biotype, Block, Blood, Bloodless operation, Book, Bourdon, Bracket, Branch, Break up, Bridge, Brigade, Burden, Butchering, Cadence, Cadre, Capital operation, Caste, Category, Chapter, Chopping, Chorus, Clan, Class, Clause, Cleavage, Cleave, Clos, Close, Coda, Cohort, Column, Combat command, Combat team, Company, Compensating operation, Component, Confines, Continental shelf, Contingent, Corneal transplant, Corps, Corridor, Country, Crescent operation, Croft, Cross section, Cut, Cut up, Cutting, Department, Detachment, Detail, Development, Dichotomy, District, Divide, Divide up, Division, Divvy, Divvy up, Dole, Elective operation, Element, Emergency operation, Enclave, Enucleation, Environs, Estate, Excision, Exploratory operation, Exposition, Family, Fascicle, Fenestration operation, Field, Field army, Field train, Figure, File, Fission, Flying column, Folderol, Folio, Forty, Fraction, Front matter, Garrison, Gathering, Genotype, Genus, Grade, Ground, Group, Grouping, Harmonic close, Head, Heading, Heart transplant, Heartland, Hinterland, Installment, Interlude, Intermezzo, Interval operation, Introductory phrase, Item, Kidney transplant, Kin, Kingdom, Kitchen police, Kraal, Label, Laceration, Land, Leg, Legion, Level, Livraison, Locality, Lot, Major operation, Maniple, Measure, Measure out, Member, Milieu, Minor operation, Moiety, Movement, Musical phrase, Musical sentence, Mutilation, Neighborhood, Number, Offshore rights, Operation, Order, Organ transplant, Organ transplantation, Organization, Ornament, Outfit, Page, Pale, Palliative operation, Paragraph, Parcel, Parcel of land, Parcel out, Part, Particular, Partition, Parts, Passage, Patch, Percentage, Period, Phalanx, Phrase, Phylum, Piece, Pigeonhole, Place, Plat, Platoon, Plot, Plot of ground, Portion, Position, Posse, Precinct, Precincts, Predicament, Premises, Purlieus, Quad, Quadrangle, Quadrant, Quarter, Quota, Race, Radical operation, Random sample, Rank, Rating, Real estate, Refrain, Regiment, Region, Remainder, Removal, Rending, Resection, Resolution, Response, Ripping, Ritornello, Rubric, Salient, Sample, Sampling, Scission, Sector, Segment, Sentence, Separate, Sept, Serial, Series, Set, Severance, Share, Sheet, Signature, Slashing, Slice, Slicing, Soil, Space, Species, Sphere, Split, Split up, Splitting, Squad, Squadron, Square, Stage, Stanza, Statement, Station, Status, Strain, Stratum, Subclass, Subdivide, Subdivision, Subfamily, Subgenus, Subgroup, Subkingdom, Suborder, Subspecies, Subtribe, Superclass, Superfamily, Superorder, Superspecies, Surgery, Surgical intervention, Surgical operation, Surgical technique, Tactical unit, Tailpiece, Task force, Tearing, Terrain, Territory, Text, The knife, Three-mile limit, Title, Tract, Train, Transplant, Tribe, Troop, Tutti, Tutti passage, Twelve-mile limit, Unit, Variation, Variety, Verse, Vicinage, Vicinity, Volume, Wing, Zone

Meaning of Section & Section Definition

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