Definition of Secret:

  1. Neither known nor seen nor wants to be known or seen by others

  2. Confidential, personal, privileged or proprietary information that is protected beyond the attention, knowledge or observation of third parties and is disclosed only to authorized, influential or trusted parties. Unauthorized disclosure of secrets can be a breach of trust.

  3. Something to keep or keep others unknown or hidden.

Synonyms of Secret

Cryptographic, Unquestionable, Privately, Undisclosable, Close, Classified information, On the sly, Undivulgable, Not for circulation, Immanent, Undeclared, Censored, Obscured, Under an eclipse, Camouflaged, In secret, Profound secret, Out of sight, Confidential, Buried, Behind the scenes, Unobserved, Unseeable, Submerged, Strictly confidential, Guarded secret, Not to be disclosed, Mysterious, Unpublished, Inner, In a cloud, Insensible, In eclipse, Unbeholdable, Underhand, Devious, Mystery, Enigma, Uncommunicated, Evasive, Obscure, Secretive, Top-secret, Behind someones back, Classified, Confidentially, Incommunicado, Quietly, Under house arrest, Obfuscated, Discreet, Hid, Stealthily, Not for publication, Underhanded, Confidential, Unacknowledged, Unpublished, Shifty, Unpublishable, In the wings, Classified, Enigmatic, Out-of-the-way, Sneak, Beclouded, The occult, Confidential communication, Sequestered, Unwhisperable, Unspoken, Implicit, Unwitnessed, Confidential matter, Underneath, Secluded, Inward, Parts, Unutterable, Latent, Personal matter, Closemouthed, Hermetics, Stifled, Unknown, Unperceived, Off the record, Inherent, Privileged communication, Smothered, Unbreatheable, Removed, Genitals, Wrapped in clouds, Undercover, Subjective, Concealed, Hugger-mugger, Quiet, Suppressed, Top secret, Hidden, Unrealized, Unapparent, Esoterica, Untellable, Secretly, Uncommunicative, Cryptic, Privy parts, Undisclosed, Restricted, Privy, Restricted information, Confidence, Clouded, Surreptitious, Top secret, Unperceivable, Implanted, Cabalistic, Retired, Screened, Undisclosed, Cabala, Surreptitiously, Deep-seated, Furtively, Under-the-table, Private affair, Secluse, Unalienable, Closed, Disguised, Internal, Incomprehensible, Under wraps, Blind, Unrevealed, Occult, Confidence, Indiscernible, Furtive, Sightless, Unviewed, Eclipsed, Pudenda, Encrypted, Covered, In purdah, Privates, Ulterior, Abstruse, Recondite, Stealthy, Mystical, Private, Irreducible, Underground, Hermetic, Unknown, Untold, Unofficial, Invisible, Unchallengeable, Remote, Profound, Undivulged, Infixed, Resident, Sealed book, Under security, Intrinsic, Private matter, Under wraps, Hush-hush, Transcendental, Unuttered, Privity, Untold, Restricted, Viewless, Deep, Arcane, Unrevealed, Esoteric, Imperceptible, Covert, Inwrought, Heavy, Unnoticed, Unbeheld, Skeleton in the cupboard, Indwelling, Abstract, Clandestine, Mystery of mysteries, Arcanum, Not to be made public, Shrouded, Under cover, Undiscernible, Private parts, Hole-and-corner, Inalienable, Unseen, Behind the curtain, In a fog, By stealth, Dark, Unrevealable, Lonesome, Ingrained

How to use Secret in a sentence?

  1. How will you know if I have a secret plan?
  2. The secret of the state

Meaning of Secret & Secret Definition