Secret Comparable

Secret Comparable,

What is The Definition of Secret Comparable?

Meaning of Secret Comparable: Term used in connection with transfer prices. It appoints a comparator whose data is not disclosed to the public or taxpayers, but is known only to the tax administration, which adjusts the cost of the transfer.

Literal Meanings of Secret Comparable


Meanings of Secret:
  1. Something that may be unknown or hidden to others.

  2. Neither known nor known nor others known nor should be seen.

Sentences of Secret
  1. The secret of the state

  2. How did you know I had a secret plan?

Synonyms of Secret

behind someone's back, unknown, private affair, confidence, untold, classified, top secret, unofficial, unpublished, confidential matter, not to be disclosed, confidential, undisclosed, restricted, not for circulation, not to be made public, unrevealed, under wraps, strictly confidential, uncommunicated, off the record, not for publication


Meanings of Comparable:
  1. (One person's or something's) merges with another in the same way.

Sentences of Comparable
  1. Compare stone and bone tools with Neanderthal tools

Synonyms of Comparable

approximate, akin, corresponding, related, close, proportional, parallel, commensurate, analogous, equivalent, near, similar, proportionate