Secret ballot

Secret ballot,

Definition of Secret ballot:

  1. A ballot in which votes are cast in secret.

  2. A method of voting that ensures that all votes are cast in secret, so that the voter is not influenced by any other individual, and at the time of voting no one else knows who the voter chose. A secret ballot can be ensured in many different ways, primarily by using enclosed voting areas, or simply a place to record your answers that is far enough away from all other voters. Secret ballots are used in virtually all United States Presidential elections, and can also be used in any other voting process where the voters may want to remain anonymous or free from outside influence.

How to use Secret ballot in a sentence?

  1. In order to ensure the voting process remains safe and secure, the presidential electtion takes advantage of secret ballot s in order to keep the vote unbiased.
  2. You should try and have any vote be done by secret ballot so that no one takes any heat for their opinions/.
  3. We made sure that it was a secret ballot , so the voter would not be bullied into voting for someone that their friends wanted them to vote for.
  4. Voters cast a secret ballot, and any assessment of who voted or for whom they voted is riddled with difficulty.

Meaning of Secret ballot & Secret ballot Definition