Definition of Secondary:

  1. A secondary coil or winding in an electrical transformer.

  2. Coming after, less important than, or resulting from someone or something else that is primary.

  3. (of an organic compound) having its functional group located on a carbon atom which is bonded to two other carbon atoms.

  4. A secondary feather.

  5. Ranked second in terms of importance. See also tertiary, primary, secondary industry.

  6. Denoting or relating to organisms in a particular community that belong to the second trophic level among its consumers, and consume primary consumers.

  7. The players in the defensive backfield, or the area these players cover.

  8. The Secondary or Mesozoic era.

  9. Relating to or denoting the output side of a device using electromagnetic induction, especially in a transformer.

  10. Former term for Mesozoic.

Synonyms of Secondary

Janus-like, Maxwell triangle, Munsell scale, Accessory, Accident, Accidental, Addendum, Addition, Additional, Adjunct, Adscititious, Adventitious, Advocate, Agent, Alter ego, Alternate, Alternative, Ambidextrous, Amicus curiae, Analogy, Ancillary, Appendage, Appurtenance, Appurtenant, Ascititious, Assistant, Attorney, Auxiliary, Backup, Backup man, Bifacial, Bifold, Biform, Bilateral, Binary, Binate, Biparous, Bivalent, Borrowed, Casual, Champion, Change, Changeling, Chromatic circle, Chromatic spectrum, Chromaticity diagram, Circumstantial, Cog, Collateral, Color circle, Color cycle, Color index, Color mixture curve, Color solid, Color spectrum, Color system, Color triangle, Coming, Common, Commonality, Commonalty, Comparison, Complementary color, Conduplicate, Consequent, Contingency, Contingent, Copied, Copy, Counterfeit, Covert, Creature, Demeaning, Demitint, Dependent, Deputy, Derivational, Derivative, Derived, Dinky, Disadvantaged, Disomatous, Double, Double-faced, Dual, Dummy, Duple, Duplex, Duplicate, Employee, Equal, Equivalent, Ersatz, Eventual, Exchange, Executive officer, Exponent, Extra, Fake, Feather, Feathers, Figurehead, Fill-in, Final, Flunky, Follower, Fortuitous, Full color, Fundamental colors, Geminate, Geminated, Ghost, Ghostwriter, Hackle, Half tint, Halftone, Happenstance, Helper, Hoi polloi, Hue cycle, Humble, Imitated, Imitation, In the shade, Incidental, Indirect, Inessential, Inferior, Infra dig, Insignificant, Junior, Last, Less, Lesser, Lieutenant, Lightweight, Locum, Locum tenens, Low, Low-priority, Lower, Lower class, Lower orders, Lowly, Mail, Makeshift, Marginal, Masses, Mere chance, Metamer, Metaphor, Metonymy, Minor, Mock, Modest, Monochrome, Next best thing, No great shakes, Nonessential, Not-self, Of no account, Of no consequence, Of no matter, Of no significance, Ordinary, Other, Paranymph, Pawn, Personnel, Phony, Pinch, Pinch hitter, Pleader, Plumage, Poor relation, Primary, Primary color, Procurator, Provisional, Proxy, Pure color, Relief, Replacement, Representative, Reserve, Reserves, Resultant, Right-hand man, Ringer, Scrub, Second, Second fiddle, Second in command, Second rank, Second string, Secondary color, Secondhand, Servant, Servile, Sign, Small, Small-fry, Small-time, Solar spectrum, Spare, Spares, Spectral color, Spectrum, Spectrum color, Speculum, Stand-in, Stopgap, Sub, Subaltern, Subject, Subordinate, Subsequent, Subservient, Subsidiary, Substituent, Substitute, Substitution, Succedaneum, Superadded, Superaddition, Superfluous, Superseder, Supervenient, Supplanter, Supplement, Supplemental, Supplementary, Supporting, Supportive, Surrogate, Symbol, Synecdoche, Temporary, Tentative, Tertiary, Tertiary color, Third rank, Third string, Third stringer, Token, Tributary, Twin, Twinned, Two-faced, Two-level, Two-ply, Two-sided, Two-story, Twofold, Ultimate, Under, Underling, Underprivileged, Understrapper, Understudy, Unessential, Unimportant, Unoriginal, Utility, Utility man, Utility player, Vicar, Vicar general, Vicarious, Vice, Vice-president, Vice-regent, Vicegerent, Vulgar, Yes-man, Subordinate, Lesser, Lower, Lower-level, Minor, Peripheral, Incidental, Tangential, Marginal, Ancillary, Subsidiary, Subservient, Non-essential, Inessential, Of little account, Unimportant, Less important

How to use Secondary in a sentence?

  1. They also dont have the passing game to burn Baltimores suspect secondary.
  2. The secondary consideration was to choose which demographic to target after we entered the industry so we focused on that next.
  3. The primary and secondary coils of the transformer.
  4. Similar to ions, secreted secondary compounds are positioned to be leached to the soil, in some cases for the purpose of contributing to allelopathy.
  5. The plot is of secondary importance: what matters most is the relationships between the characters.
  6. One or more additional layers of shorter feathers may overlie the proximal parts of the flight primaries and secondaries.
  7. There are a lot of secondary meanings in Shakespeares work and it is really cool to find them on your own.
  8. We learn that there was a time when Cephalopoda were the highest types of animal life; and that during the secondary period they were anatomically raised far above any forms of the reptile class now living in the world.
  9. Sometimes you may need to forget about your secondary project for awhile when it is time to really focus on the main one.

Meaning of Secondary & Secondary Definition

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