Secondary sector

Secondary sector,

Definition of Secondary sector:

  1. The sector of the economy concerned with or relating to primary industry.

  2. The portion of an economy that includes light and heavy industrial manufacturers of finished goods and products from raw materials. Businesses that make up the secondary sector of industry often require substantial machinery to operate, and they create waste that can contribute to environmental pollution.

How to use Secondary sector in a sentence?

  1. Textile production, car manufacturing, handicrafts, and the production of other knick knacks and products all belong in the secondary sector .
  2. The revisions exposed a more pronounced primary sector contraction while the secondary sector benefited from higher than estimated growth in meat processing.
  3. You may want to try and get involved in a secondary sector so that there are more ways for your company to earn.
  4. I worked in the secondary sector and I actually really enjoyed myself a lot there because it was easy and fun.

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