Secondary Payer

Secondary Payer,

How To Define Secondary Payer?

  • You can define Secondary Payer as, Under federal law, Medicare has only a secondary responsibility for paying medical bills, which also covers all types of private insurance. An example of the application of this concept in the context of employee compensation claims. Medic Medical Eligible Medical Expenses for Injured Workers from Employee Accidents or through an Insurance Company as the primary payer, and Medicare acts as a secondary or alternative payer for medical expenses.

Literal Meanings of Secondary Payer


Meanings of Secondary:
  1. Secondary coil or winding in power transformer.

  2. Another pen

  3. Secondary or Mesozoic age.

  4. A player in the backcourt or skill area of ​​this player.

  5. It comes later, is it less important or is it the result of something else or something more important.

  6. (Organic compounds) which have a functional group on the carbon atom which is bound to two other carbon atoms.

  7. An association or association with the organism of a particular community that relates to its primary users and consumer traffic levels.

  8. Refers to the output side of devices that use electromagnetic induction, especially in transformers.

  9. Ancient term of the Mesozoic era

Sentences of Secondary
  1. One or more layers of short springs can cover the proximal parts of the primary and secondary parts of the flight.

  2. His second Baltimore suspect also has no game to burn.

  3. The plot is secondary: there is a connection between the most important characters

  4. Like ions, secret secondary compounds are added to the soil to contribute to allelopathy in some cases.

  5. Transformer primary and secondary winding

  6. Nice apprentices quit fit in temps or less cephalopods are different types of animal species, more than Isa and Kois de la period secondary, Elites anatomics Elvis Bain au das tetis les densile de la class des rapids.

Synonyms of Secondary

lesser, subservient, lower, tangential, less important, subordinate, ancillary, minor, peripheral, of little account, subsidiary, marginal, unimportant, inessential, incidental, non-essential, lower-level


Meanings of Payer:
  1. An individual or organization that owns property, or money owed by a debtor.

Sentences of Payer
  1. Industry is one of the largest contributors to the company.