Secondary Heading 1

Secondary Heading 1

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Literal Meanings of Secondary Heading 1


Meanings of Secondary:
  1. Each spring attached to a bird's ulna (forearm).

  2. Measures to issue additional shares of an already registered company.

  3. Defenders.

  4. A coil or inductive loop that is magnetically driven by the primary winding of a transformer or similar device.

  5. A deputy delegate is someone who performs a subordinate or auxiliary function.

  6. Side circle.

  7. Satellite.

  8. Anything small or small.

  9. Next in order First or First of Seconds in ancestry, rank, etc.

  10. Member of Parliament or an authorized person or body.

  11. Obtained from the parent compound by replacing organic with two hydrogen atoms.

  12. Formed by weathering or deposition after the formation of the parent rock.

  13. Caused by pressure or other reasons.

  14. It refers to the second of the bird's wing.

  15. Dependent or derived from another disease or arising in the second stage of the disease.

  16. Of secondary importance.

  17. As for secondary education, v. HOUR. school between (approximately) 11 and 18 years.

  18. It refers to the production of goods from raw materials.

  19. (monocolor) Formed by the mixture of primary colors.

  20. It represents a return to the hereditary state.

Sentences of Secondary
  1. Subsidiary or Sub-Sheriff of the City of London.

  2. There are four high schools in the area, each with several thousand students.

  3. The work of secondary hands.

  4. Secondary department.

  5. Bright's disease is usually secondary to scarlet fever.

  6. Secondary problem.

  7. Yellow is a secondary light color, even if it is a primary CMYK color.


Meanings of Heading:
  1. Be in control. (See also pulling.).

  2. Remove the head from the fish.

  3. Coming from the source to flow like a river.

  4. The title or subject of a document, article, chapter, or section.

  5. The direction in which the ship's bow points toward sea or air (apparent heading) and/or the direction in which it is actually moving relative to the ground (true heading).

  6. Material for barrel lids, cannons, etc.

  7. A sinkhole, a sinkhole or a sinkhole in a mine is also the end of a drift or a drift that lives above the drift.

  8. Continuation of the flyline above the hemline.

  9. The protruding end of a stone or brick.

  10. (Flags) The of material on the flagpole that is used to attach the flag to the halyard.

Secondary Heading 1