Secondary Dependent Properties

Secondary Dependent Properties,

Secondary Dependent Properties:

Term Commercial Property Insurance refers to the business or additional cost recovery of a dependent property (formerly known as emergency business income or recovery of additional costs). Costs of operating income or additional material costs incurred by the insurer, including insurers' income or expenses incurred from loss of insurance to other insured commercial property, including the purchase of insured goods and services for the. For insurers to withdraw goods or services or consumers from insurer activities. A secondary dependency is the establishment of another company that supplies goods or supplies to the policyholder's primary dependent location (or the recipient of materials and supplies). Beginning at 2012 rates, operating income coverage fees and additional costs of dependent assets include options to cover losses due to insured causes of loss of secondary assets, which the recipient and Depends on the recipient.

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  1. A person who relies on other people, especially family members, for financial support

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Sentences of Dependent
  1. Different benefits depending on seniority

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