Secondary coverage

Secondary coverage,

Definition of Secondary coverage:

  1. Insurance policy bought to cover the charges, damages, or risks not covered by a primary policy.

Meaning of Secondary coverage & Secondary coverage Definition

Secondary Coverage,

How Do You Define Secondary Coverage?

  • Definition of Secondary Coverage: When an individual covers more than one health insurance, the term defines health insurance as one that pays claims after basic insurance. See also primary coverage and COB.

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Meanings of Secondary:
  1. It comes later, less important or the result of something else or something important.

  2. (Organic compound) which has a functional group on a carbon atom that is attached to two other carbon atoms.

  3. It identifies the biology of the community at the second traffic level between its customers and primary users.

  4. Observe or label the output side of devices that use electromagnetic induction, especially in transformers.

  5. Ancient Mesozoic term

  6. Secondary coil or winding in power transformer.

  7. Secondary pen

  8. It was secondary or mesozoic.

  9. Field or defensive area players who are covered by these players

Sentences of Secondary
  1. The plot doesn't really matter: what is the most important relationship between the characters?

  2. Like ions, secreted secondary compounds are placed in the soil to dissolve, in some cases playing a key role in allelopathy.

  3. Primary and secondary direction of the transformer

  4. We learned that there was a time when cephalopods were the tallest species of animals and, during the secondary period, they reproduced physically which is far more than the class of reptiles currently living in the world. ۔

  5. One or more layers of short springs can cover the part near the flight of the primary and secondary parts.

  6. They also lacked pass sets to burn suspects around Baltimore.

Synonyms of Secondary

ancillary, lower, inessential, non-essential, minor, incidental, lesser, tangential, marginal, subsidiary, of little account, lower-level, subordinate, subservient, less important, unimportant, peripheral