Sec 30-day Yield

Sec 30-day Yield,

Sec 30-day Yield Meanings:

  1. Sec 30-day Yield means: An unorganized market cap weight index of the top 500 US companies in all major industries. The index provides an overview of the performance of these 500 companies in the US stock market and the stock market.

Literal Meanings of Sec 30-day Yield


Meanings of Sec:
  1. Dry

  2. One second for a very short time.

  3. Dried (of grapes).

  4. The Securities and Exchange Commission, a U.S. government agency that oversees corporate actions and acquisitions.

Synonyms of Sec

moment, split second, instant, bit, little while, short time


Meanings of Day:
  1. The period of twenty-four hours as a unit of calculated time from midnight to midnight is equivalent to the rotation of the earth on its axis.

  2. A special time in the past of an era.

Sentences of Day
  1. They met a few days ago

  2. The law was very strict at that time

Synonyms of Day

time, point in time, era, full day, twenty-four-hour period, generation, age, epoch, twenty-four hours, working day, period


Meanings of Yield:
  1. Prepare or deliver (natural, agricultural or industrial products)

  2. Arguments, demands or pressure.

  3. (Mass or structure) arises under force or pressure.

  4. Total number of agricultural or industrial products.

Sentences of Yield
  1. The earth produces wine and tobacco

  2. The Western powers gave up when they should have fought

  3. When the door opened, the house stumbled

  4. Poor milk production

Synonyms of Yield

generate, gather in, produce, be flexible, provide, knuckle under, capitulate, contribute, show the white flag, climb down, quit, give, admit defeat, flex, earn, bestow, give in, back down, be pliant, pay out, realize, afford