Seaworld Pearls

Seaworld Pearls

Pearls of the marine world! ? ۔

My sister made pearls in Sea World. Open the shell and find another rare color! He found a 7.5 mm blue pearl (light blue ...) and we wondered how much it would cost. The pearls are very shiny and look perfect. If you can find different types of pearls or just say what you think

Thanks in advance

Unlike the Report Diamond List, there are no pearl cards. The reason is that there is no internationally recognized scoring standard and every diagnostic factor is subjective. An aqua pearl of this size will cost between $ 10 and $ 20 and can cost up to $ 100.

You mentioned the color of pearl which is light blue. Unfortunately, this is not so rare. I can also know what you are thinking, is it possible if we remove it from S?

There is a small secret that the snail seller will not reveal. Pearls do not grow from the shells you open. Pearls are placed and the oysters are immersed in a solution of alcohol, which shrinks and preserves the animal. So, they can make sure that every company has a goal account. Many marketers don't even know it because they are taught to tell customers that every model has (yes), takes four years to develop (yes), that a color like this is rare (yes). Aqua pearls are always stained) etc. Etc. etc.

Here's a great read on the process:

The quality of blue pearls depends on three main aspects, such as surface color and texture. Together, they determine the value of the pearl. Size and shape also play an important role.

It can be started from .1 15,110. If you want to know the real price, take the pearl to a jeweler who can tell you why someone bought it.

But I helped! :)

I think it costs 150.

Well your 4 sisters !!! It's so cool!

Seaworld Pearls