Search warrant

Search warrant,

Definition of Search warrant:

  1. Court order authorizing or commanding a police officer to search a specified location, house, or other premises for a specified contraband, evidence, instrument of crime, or person.

  2. A legal document authorizing a police officer or other official to enter and search premises.

Synonyms of Search warrant

Bench warrant, Capias, Caveat, Death warrant, Domiciliary visit, Dragnet, Exploration, Fieri facias, Forage, Frisk, Habere facias possessionem, House-search, Hunt, Hunting, Injunction, Interdict, Mandamus, Mandate, Mandatory injunction, Mittimus, Nisi prius, Notice, Notification, Perquisition, Posse, Precept, Probe, Process, Prohibitory injunction, Quest, Ransacking, Rummage, Search, Search party, Search-and-destroy operation, Searching, Stalk, Stalking, Still hunt, Turning over, Warrant, Warrant of arrest, Warrant of attorney, Writ

How to use Search warrant in a sentence?

  1. I did not want the cops to come into my house, but they showed me their search warrant and I had to let them in by law.
  2. The officers ought to have obtained a search warrant before entering the Appellants residence.
  3. The search warrant was issued and there was nothing the owners could do as the the judge determined a search was warranted.
  4. The detectives were finally allowed to search the suspects home, having been granted a search warrant from their local government.

Meaning of Search warrant & Search warrant Definition

Search Warrant,

Definition of Search Warrant:

  1. A written order from a judge instructing officers to look for specific evidence in a specific area.

Literal Meanings of Search Warrant


Meanings of Search:
  1. Search carefully and carefully or try to find something.

  2. Looking for something or other.

Sentences of Search
  1. Police conducted a thorough search of the scene.

Synonyms of Search

digging, scavenge, rooting around, ferreting around, ferret around, root about, fish about, rummage around, root around, ferreting, scavenging, cast around, foraging, cast about, scouring, scout, rummaging around, rooting about, rummage about, look high and low, ferreting about, seeking after, ferret, fish around, rummaging about, pursuit of, explore, look, cast round


Meanings of Warrant:
  1. Justification or lawsuit (specific action plan)

  2. Documents issued by legal or government officials that authorize police or other agencies to make arrests, search homes or other related legal action.

  3. The legitimacy or authority of an action, belief or feeling.

  4. Official certificate of appointment to officers who are less than the designated officers.

Sentences of Warrant
  1. The crime is serious enough for a military trial.

  2. The judge issued an arrest warrant for him

  3. There is no justification for this assumption

Synonyms of Warrant

written order, justify, call for, be a justification for, basis, permit, rationale, cause, sanction, grounds, official document, validate, vindicate, justification, authorization, assurance, licence, be a reason for