Search Engine Result Snippet

Search Engine Result Snippet

A global version of a web page that appears on search engine results pages. This snippet can be customized by editing the page's meta description.

Literal Meanings of Search Engine Result Snippet


Meanings of Engine:
  1. Tool, utensil or instrument.

  2. A self-propelled vehicle, especially a locomotive, formerly used to pull wagons along a railroad track.

  3. Cunning, cunning, cunning ingenuity.

  4. The result of a somewhat ingenious cunning, a plan (in the negative sense) of a conspiracy, a plan.

  5. A naturally talented genius.

  6. To equip the engine, steamers were discussed in particular.


Meanings of Result:
  1. That which follows from a conclusion or end, to which a course or condition leads, or which is reached by a process or operation, consequence or effect.

  2. Fruits, useful or tangible results obtained as a result of the effort.

  3. The decision or adoption of the board or the deliberating meeting is taken by resolution.

  4. Resilience that flies backwards.

  5. The end result of the game.

  6. (extended) A positive or favorable outcome for someone.

  7. To come, to arise or to arise as a result of a fact, argument, premise, set of circumstances, advice, thought or effort.

  8. (followed by and) The presence of an effect leading to a cause.

  9. Returned to the owner (or heirs) after a return.

  10. Jump back to recover.

  11. An exclamation of joy after a favorable outcome.

Sentences of Result
  1. The result of the action plan, the result of a mathematical operation.

  2. This action will lead to good or evil.


Meanings of Snippet:
  1. A small part of something, such as a song or a pattern on a canvas.

  2. A text file that contains a relatively small amount of code that is not useful on its own, along with instructions for incorporating that code into a larger code base.

  3. Create a clip (small portion) of a clip.

  4. Make small incisions, especially cut with scissors.

Sentences of Snippet
  1. From the fragments I've heard from their rehearsals, they sound pretty good.

  2. We've dragged blog posts to display on the front page.

Search Engine Result Snippet