Se Não Ou Senão

Se Não Ou Senão

If not, how to use it?

1) If or it has the following meanings: a) different, different, opposite: confession, if you do not, or you die, do not be jealous, but get caught, b) more yes: say so, intuitive No beliefs, insults, if you are not warned, c) Become a number, but enter: It was not corrected by beating the stomach There were only women in the room

If this is not taken into account, look no further. In this case, whether or not, it retains all the value of your defense or denial, and if, performed only and or non-paired with another concluding meaning: if you do not want it So, I won't do it, or its equivalent: if you don't want it, I won't, or even: I don't want it, not close. Or boss, we're always scared to win (= if not together or conditionally) to win, if not the cast or general aspect of others.

2) When two clauses and a comma are connected, change the first thing to a negative location or just and not the subject, punish the silk or not or not, will not depend on the silk prayer and not related shall be. Also, if not even more, or merely through thoughts or more: every few days not only in the light the sun passes through every circle around the stars and the two planets, it means everything and every The thing is unparalleled not only in being worthy of blessings, but in love, in the temptation of the Moors, or the unbelievers, who have neither heard nor received, Considered subject to his love.

3) cents £ when © or equivalent to expression or more when least expected: let's go, percent  £ when a knight appears

You are running in two ways.

Otherwise: it means the opposite. Example: Mailer will stop you will be destroyed!

Name: Yes, two different words. Example: If you go I will go, if not ... then I will not go either!

Should i listen

It helps

Oh, Teresa!

ELSE = noun and meaning can be: defect, macula. Example: There is a little consciousness in your work.

May is a definition and means: exception or minus. Example: Someone clapped, felt a slap in the face.

It may be together or it may appear related or not, but it can also be: for example: were not or were not just charitable.

Sand con or not with it if not or don't be the cause because as long as it's a noun, ti .n. £ £ ÃÂ £ Â or paired, this is an advisory ad.

For example




Not per SE +


Otherwise, don't become a nickname

But yes, and yes

Preparation. ,

Also, less

See the subway. ,

Defect, pitch, spot, macula

Hope you help.


Se Não Ou Senão