Definition of Scrubber:

  1. A brush or other object used to clean something.

  2. Air-stream pollution control device which uses liquid spray to remove solid and liquid particulate matter (which washes out) and gaseous pollutants (which are either absorbed or chemically neutralized).

How to use Scrubber in a sentence?

  1. She looked around, and saw a bottle of hotel shampoo, and a brush scrubber.
  2. You should try to use a scrubber when there are things building up in your factory that you need to rid.
  3. I was designated the job of scrubber and had to do all the lame things, while everyone else did the interesting things.
  4. The citys air was so dense with pollutants that the mayor decided that he needed to hire someone to use a scrubber to correct this problem.

Meaning of Scrubber & Scrubber Definition