How To Define Scrips?

  • You can define Scrips as, Hyphens is known as an alternative or alternative legal currency. A certificate entitles the holder to receive something in return. Scripts come in many forms, mostly in the form of credits, documents that acknowledge the loan. Hyphens also represents temporary documents that represent spin-offs or shares races generated in a spin-off, or may indicate currency issued by a private company, such as repeated flyer mail.

    • A certificate is a substitute or substitute for a legal tender that allows the holder to receive something in return.
    • Scripts come in many forms, usually in the form of credits.
    • Certificates are used to compensate or pay employees and in society when money is not available or insufficient.
    • Examples of popular scripts are gift cards, rewards and coupons.

Meanings of Scrips

  1. A temporary silver certificate signed with a bank or company that entitles you to a formal certificate and profit.

  2. A certificate that gives the holder the right to own parts of a public area.

  3. Banknotes of less than one dollar denomination

  4. A small purse or bag usually used by beggars, shepherds or beggars.

Sentences of Scrips

  1. After the announcement of the merger, the script increased slightly and traded at Rs 277.80, an increase of Rs 15, but the bank's overall script was still less traded.

  2. Proceeds from the sale of the property title will then be invested in a fund to "establish, support and maintain at least one university" in each state.

  3. They have certificates, not much, but they also have French money to spend in the local community.

  4. Eventually, he sniffed and wrapped the rest of his waist in a cloth before placing it on a piece of leather around his waist.

Synonyms of Scrips

pochette, shoulder bag, evening bag, handbag, clutch bag