Definition of Scrip:

  1. Securities: See scrip dividend.

  2. Paper money in amounts of less than a dollar.

  3. General: Signed certificate, receipt, or an IOU note that may serve as a private currency because (although it does not have any intrinsic value) it represents value recognized by both its issuer and the holder. For example, frequent flier miles receipts are scrips issued by airlines. Public paper currencies (bank notes), backed by the issuing countries central banks, are also scrips.

  4. A certificate entitling the holder to acquire possession of certain portions of public land.

  5. A provisional certificate of money subscribed to a bank or company, entitling the holder to a formal certificate and dividends.

Synonyms of Scrip

Federal Reserve note, And pence, Article, Assignat, Autograph, Baggage check, Bank note, Bill, Blank, Brainchild, Cash, Check, Chirograph, Circulating medium, Coinage, Coined liberty, Cold cash, Composition, Computer printout, Copy, Counter, Coupon, Currency, Docket, Document, Dollar bill, Dollars, Dossier, Draft, Edited version, Emergency money, Engrossment, Essay, Fair copy, Fiat money, Fiction, File, Filthy lucre, Final draft, Finished version, First draft, Flimsy, Form, Fractional currency, Fractional note, Gold, Government note, Hard cash, Hard currency, Hat check, Holograph, Instrument, Legal document, Legal instrument, Legal paper, Legal tender, Legal-tender note, Letter, Literae scriptae, Literary artefact, Literary production, Literature, Lucre, Lucubration, Mammon, Managed currency, Manuscript, Matter, Medium of exchange, Mintage, Money, National bank note, Necessity money, Negotiable note, Nonfiction, Note, Official document, Opus, Original, Paper, Paper money, Papers, Parchment, Pelf, Penscript, Personal file, Piece, Piece of writing, Play, Poem, Postage currency, Postal currency, Pounds, Printed matter, Printout, Production, Reading matter, Recension, Roll, Screed, Script, Scrive, Scroll, Second draft, Shillings, Shinplaster, Silver, Slug, Soft currency, Specie, Sterling, Tag, The almighty dollar, The wherewith, The wherewithal, The written word, Ticket, Token, Transcript, Transcription, Treasury note, Typescript, Version, Work, Writ, Writing

How to use Scrip in a sentence?

  1. Once the merger was announced, the scrip registered a slight increase and was trading at 277.80, up by Rs 15, but overall banking scrips were still trading at a low.
  2. They had some scrip, not much, but they had French money too to spend in the local community.
  3. The proceeds from the sale of land scrip would then be invested in a fund ‘to pay the endowment, support, and maintenance of at least one college’ in each state.

Meaning of Scrip & Scrip Definition


What is The Definition of Scrip?

  • A simple definition of Scrip is: A certificate that entitles you to a joint venture. Issue additional shares to existing shareholders, not profits.

Meanings of Scrip

  1. A temporary silver certificate signed with a bank or company that entitles you to a regular certificate and dividend.

  2. A certificate that gives the holder the right to own parts of a public area.

  3. Banknotes of less than one dollar denomination

  4. A small purse or bag usually used by beggars, shepherds or beggars.

Sentences of Scrip

  1. After the announcement of the merger, the script increased slightly and traded at Rs 277.80, an increase of Rs 15, but the bank's overall script was still less traded.

  2. Proceeds from the sale of the property title will then be invested in a fund to "establish, support and maintain at least one university" in each state.

  3. They have certificates, not much, but they also have French money to spend in the local community.

  4. Eventually, he sniffed and wrapped the rest of his waist in a cloth before wrapping it around his waist.

Synonyms of Scrip

shoulder bag, handbag, pochette, evening bag, clutch bag