Definition of Screening:

  1. A showing of a movie, video, or television program.

  2. The evaluation or investigation of something as part of a methodical survey, to assess suitability for a particular role or purpose.

  3. Evaluating a large number of subjects to identify those with a particular set of attributes or characteristics.

  4. Refuse separated by sieving grain.

Synonyms of Screening

Broadcast, Transmission, Televising, Showing, Relaying, Telecast, Dissemination, Trial, Experiment, Pilot study, Try-out

How to use Screening in a sentence?

  1. Filmgoers were shut out in droves from the films many screenings in Cannes.
  2. You should have a thorough screening process before you bring anyone new into your company so you know what you are getting.
  3. Nowhere is drug screening more common than in the federal criminal justice system.
  4. You should put out a big screening process when trying to hire some new applicants at your place of work.
  5. I was invited to the opening screening of the film which made me really happy because I was such a strong supporter of it.

Meaning of Screening & Screening Definition


Use a barrier to prevent electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields from entering or escaping a confined space. Also called armor.

An evaluation or review of a product, and sometimes its marketing mix, at various stages of the NPD cycle.