Screen printing

Screen printing,

Definition of Screen printing:

  1. The technique of creating an image or pattern by pressing paint or metal on a surface using a thin canvas.

  2. The process by which the ink is printed directly on the surface (media). The printed image is transferred to a very thin cloth (canvas), so that the unpublished area is blocked and the fabric can act as a template. The ink is directed through the screen to go through the open skins and reach the media. A separate screen is created to print each color and the process is repeated. It works best on curved shapes (such as bottles and glasses), unprotected surfaces (such as ceramics and metals) and small prints. Also known as screen printing.

How to use Screen printing in a sentence?

  1. If you want to take notes that look good, you can try using the screen printing method instead of a simple printer.
  2. I spoke to a Kinks representative and he told me about screen printing and I was very interested.
  3. The new manager has a newly printed company's shirt screen to keep employees excited about coming out of the office.

Meaning of Screen printing & Screen printing Definition

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