Definition of Scrambling:

  1. Climbing rough or steep terrain is primarily a recreational activity.

  2. Deliberately distorting or encoding audio / video signals or data flow through an electronic device (encoder) to prevent unauthorized reception in a clear or concise manner.

  3. Change the frequency of phone calls or transmissions to make it unclear without decoder.

How to use Scrambling in a sentence?

  1. New radios usually work well, but I thought something was interfering with the reception, especially when we were working in the tunnels.
  2. We have a huge project almost completed, but everyone is trying their best to complete it before the deadline.
  3. The government is always trying to distort the flow of its data through barriers. You need to make sure that the data or information does not fall into the wrong hands of the group.
  4. The last push was associated with a fierce battle.
  5. It activated the aircraft's radar blocking unit.

Meaning of Scrambling & Scrambling Definition