Scott Blokker

Scott Blokker

Shaun Ts is the man in his training videos?

Click here to watch some of Shaun T.'s excellent workout videos. Shaun T she has been openly gay since October 2012 and married to husband Scott Blokker.

How did Shaun meet her husband?

Shaun T introduces her husband to the world. But as Blokker explains, when she met Shaun, she met the man who would be her savior. It wasn’t until I met Shaun and his awesome side of him that I learned that being gay is awesome because I was ME … a real ME! Wrote Blokker.

And what is Shaun T’s net worth?

Shaun Thompson Net Worth: Shaun Thompson is an American fitness instructor with a net worth of $ 10 million. Shaun Thompson, also known as Shaun T., was born in Camden, New Jersey and graduated from Rowan University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a major in theater / dance.

Similarly, people ask who is Shaun’s wife?

Scott Blokker M.

2012Is Scott Blokker in the t25 videos?

Scott Blokker is a former professional footballer who started his fitness video with Insanity The Asylum Volume 2. He then moved on to the Focus T25. **** INSANITY Max 30 has a DVD menu option where you can watch the MODIFIER all the time while watching me all the time!

Shaun T is married to a man?

Shaun T has been openly gay since October 2012 and is married to Scott Blokker.

What shoes is Shaun T wearing?

Shaun T-certified FILA® Memory Nite men’s sneakers are intended for cross-training shoes.

What does Shaun T-Tattoo say?

I have the tattoo that says conquer your mind, trust it now and believe it and define your life.

Shaun T’s husband is at t25?

Scott Blokker is a model, born December 8, 1971 in New York City, USA, and is also known as the husband of Shaunt T, a famous fitness guru best known for his exercise routines for adults and children. , especially T25, madness and hip hop bs.

Who is Shaun T’s partner?

Scott Blokker M.

2012 Has Shaun T ever been overweight?

Last year, Shaun T even spoke to critics who thought he was too skinny. While shooting Insanity: The Asylum videos, he only gained 4.1% body fat. But the fitness celebrity says there is no personal measurement.

How long does the cardio recovery madness last?

Cardio recovery, which takes about 35 minutes, will restore muscles after the first three intense days of insanity. It consisted of many slow, deep and painful stretches, many of which were yoga stretches.

What is Shaun T’s nationality?


Are Shaun T’s Twins the Biological Father?

American teacher Shaun T, known for his insane training, is open to the fact that some ways to become a father changed his life. He and her husband Scott Blokker are on the February cover of Parents magazine with their children Silas Rhys and Sander Vaughn. Shaun and her husband Scott have long wanted to be fathers.

Does Shaun T have twins?

Madness founder Shaun T talks about the life of twins after 12 pregnancy attempts with 5 surrogate mothers. In addition to trying to get the world back in shape, Shaun T and Scott Blokker are also raising twins.

Shaun has no children?

Sander Vaughn Silas Rhys

Who Was Shaun T’s Surrogate Mother?


When did Shaun T get married?

12 October 2012 (Scott Blokker) How old is Scott Blokker?

He was born on December 8, 1971 in New York City. In October 2012 he married Shaun T. In his childhood he played all kinds of sports and had a professional career of six years as a football player for various teams. Biography. Bio / Wiki First name Scott Last name Blok Occupation Family member Age 47

Scott Blokker