Scorpio Rising Appearance

Scorpio Rising Appearance

What would a person of Scorpio descent look like in general? ۔

Would you describe the features, would you write such things?

Scorpio Rise stereotype: (Beware of genetics ... this is the old interpretation of scorpion)

Dark hair, thick

Oily skin, hard skin and changes: scars (acne = Mars disease),

Many square teeth Mr. Strong personality, rarely long.

There are people who can endure intense physical exertion, strong build.

Deep and attentive translucent eyes, inner eyes, clear eyes, watchfulness.

A being that changes and sheds its skin, a bit like a snake. . . This guy can play more than one role and can't leave anyone's attention at any time.

And hypnotic movements and

They may not be your usual beauty, but they have a magnetic attraction that opposes the beauty of the surface.

Awareness, strong presence

Never go unnoticed

Silent but not embarrassing

Powerful / brilliant, even your voice,

Warrior, satire, dry, satirical humor in conversation.

I became a scorpion (first den = double scorpion). I am the oldest and the worst in my family. I also have dark hair and eyes. I am naturally embarrassed and I can be very harsh and sarcastic when I speak. I had acne in my teens and I have many scars. I get strong reactions from people (good and bad) which I understand very well. I can change my appearance a little bit and get used to people who are looking at me but not recognizing me. . .

This page always comes up whenever I look for heights and likes.

The ruler of Starius owns the property. His eyes pierce like a scorpion, but the rest of his face looks as big as a star.

Well I'm a scorpion, I wake up and wherever I go, people look me in the eye, it's just yes when I go to this club and say my eyes will burst ...

Growing scorpions and most scorpions also have this mysterious and terrifying shape.

I'm curvy, I'm not thin, I'm not overweight, but I have cancer, so I'm a little curvy and not thin ...

I always dress well, no matter what I do, I can't let clothes be that way.

I have very long arms (weird!) I'm only 5 feet 2 but my arms are 5 feet 7 ........

I just think ...

Oh, Roscopes doesn't talk about things, so it doesn't make sense, I need people who don't think it depends on the stars.

Scorpio Rising Appearance