SCORE Definition:

A simple definition of SCORE is: The USSBA Resource Partner offers free advice and resources to anyone interested in starting or growing a small business.

Meanings of SCORE

  1. To win in a competitive game (one point, one goal, one race, etc.).

  2. Usually for one or more specific instruments or orchestra or arrangement (a piece of music).

  3. Cutting or scratching scratches or lines (surface)

  4. Test (experimentally treated cells, bacterial colonies, etc.) and record numbers that show some features.

  5. Number of points, goals, points, etc. Won in a game or by team or individual.

  6. A group or a group of twenty or twenty.

  7. Written performance of a musical composition in which all the audio and instrumental parts are arranged under each other.

  8. Surface marks, cuts or scratches.

Sentences of SCORE

  1. Penn State scored twice in the fourth period

  2. Quartet Suite written for flute, violin, viola da gamba and bass sequel

  3. Mark the map until it is cropped

  4. The goal is to score from fifty to one hundred mitotic cells

  5. The final result is 25-16 in favor of Washington

  6. About twenty people lost their lives in the war.

  7. Ideally, you'll want to translate sample outputs and CDs for some extra notes, so you can follow the explanation more closely.

Synonyms of SCORE

notch, achieve, orchestrate, adapt, attain, result , gain, result, snick, gouge, arrange, sum , incise, slit, scratch, grade , nick, make a groove in, reckoning , outcome, make, win, cut, number , final count , scrape

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