Scl2 Hybridization

Scl2 Hybridization

Sulfur dichloride hybridization? 3

What is the central nuclear hybridization for SCl2? I know it's sp3 but do you want to change it?

And are there too many sigma / pi links? I assume that for every S, Cl bond there is 1 Sigma bond, then a total of 2 Sigma bonds ...

And what is the polarity of the bond? Will you predict it and then test it?

Thank you very much!

SCl2 has an electronic geometry known as tetrahedron and a curved molecular geometry.

Electron geometry shows that there are four pairs of electrons, which means that the hybridization of these molecules is sp3.

Due to the curved geometry of the electron, it is a polar molecule. Two sigma connections are valid. There is no pie bond in sp3 hybridization.

SCl2S stands for Sulr + Di (ie 2) chloride

Scl2 Hybridization