Definition of Science:

  1. The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

  2. Body of knowledge comprising of measurable or verifiable facts acquired through application of the scientific method, and generalized into scientific laws or principles. While all sciences are founded on valid reasoning and conform to the principles of logic, they are not concerned with the definitiveness of their assertions or findings. In the words of the US paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould (1941-), Science is all those things which are confirmed to such a degree that it would be unreasonable to withhold ones provisional consent..

Synonyms of Science

Branch of knowledge, Body of facts, Body of information, Body of knowledge, Area of study, Discipline, Field, Academic discipline, Academic specialty, Applied science, Area, Arena, Art, Body of knowledge, Branch, Concern, Craft, Department of knowledge, Discipline, Domain, Electrobiology, Electrochemistry, Electrokinetics, Electromechanics, Electrometallurgy, Electrometry, Electronics, Electrooptics, Electrophysics, Electrostatics, Electrotechnics, Electrotechnology, Erudition, Expertise, Field, Field of inquiry, Field of study, Galvanism, Information, Knowledge, Learning, Lore, Magnetics, Mechanics, Mechanism, Method, Natural science, Ology, Proficiency, Province, Pure science, Realm, Scholarship, Skill, Social science, Specialty, Sphere, Study, Subject, System, Technic, Technical know-how, Technical knowledge, Technical skill, Technicology, Technics, Technique, Technology, Thermionics, Wisdom

How to use Science in a sentence?

  1. Science has made many things possible, from finding out cures to deadly diseases, to enabling human beings to walk on the moon�s surface.
  2. Science gives you the ability to discover different ways things operate, why they operate, and what the outcome would be.
  3. The science behind yoga is helping many instructors to understand how their muscles are working and how this corresponds to negative and positive emotions in the brain.

Meaning of Science & Science Definition

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