Scholastic Book Club Phone Number

Scholastic Book Club Phone Number

How can I contact Scholastic?

00 1 6463305288How can you get in touch with school publishing in this way?

Book ClubUS Customers: 1800SCHOLASTIC (18007246527), press # 1 Mon 7:00 12:00 Sat 9:00 18:00

Outside the United States: 15736321687 Mon 8:00 am 6:00 pm, Sun 9:00 pm 8:00 am
You may also be wondering, where should I send my textbook orders? To order by phone call 18003871437. You can also contact us at Scholastic Inc. B.P. Box 3710, Jefferson City, MO 651029957 or fax at 18007244911.

How can I contact the Scholastic Book Club?

If you have any questions about booking with the Scholastic Book Club, please email or call us at 1800SCHOLASTIC.

How can I cancel my Scholastic subscription?

Your account number will appear on every Scholastic invoice. Call the cancellation number 18004116706. Let the customer service representative know that you want to cancel your membership and indicate which book club you want to cancel.

Can you return the school books?

All titles in this directory are guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied, you can contact customer service for an exchange or refund. We will replace any damaged product provided you purchased it directly from us.

Does Scholastic publish books?

Scholastic publishes nearly 100 book titles every year. If you are a professional teacher who has written a teaching strategy, activity resource for grades 4-8, or academic reference work, please submit your ideas to Scholastic for publication. Scholastic accepts unsolicited manuscripts from professionals.

Where is school?

The Scholastic Building is the ten-story headquarters of the Scholastic Corporation on Broadway, between Prince and Spring Street, in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, New York.

Where is Scholastic's headquarters located?

New York, New York, USA

How can I order school books from home?

Step 1: Go to the Scholastic Book Clubs website. Visit the School Book Clubs and click Parents GET STARTED. Step 2: Connect the child's teacher. Each school year, your child receives a class code from the new teacher for online ordering.

Where can I find the dollar books on Scholastic?

How to find $ 1 worth of books in the Scholastic Book Club Step One: In the search box at the top of the page, find a $ 1 picture book. Then refine your search with a filter in the left bar. Click the Price drop-down menu and select $ 1 $ 2. All of the $ 1 picture books you currently own will be displayed.

How long does a school assignment last?

Ik geef ouders meestal 2 weeks from order te plaatsen, dus degenen ordering on the first day, wachten 4 weeks op hun order, terwijl ouders the de laatste dag order hun order within 2 weeks op hun order.

How does the School Book Club work?

To help your students discover the joy and power of reading on their own, Scholastic Book Club Monthly Awards offer FREE books for your class. Book clubs reach out to every publisher and hundreds of authors and illustrators to create special gifts for your class.

What is Scholasticcom?

Scholastic Corporation is an American multinational publishing, education and media company known for publishing, selling and distributing books and educational materials to schools, teachers, parents and children.

Does Scholastic have a shipping cost?

Yes, Scholastic offers free shipping. For more information on Scholastic's free shipping policy, please visit the customer service page here. You can also visit their website to see if Scholastic has posted more information on its free shipping rules.

Does Scholastic accept cash?

For orders by telephone, fax or post you need your customer number. Payment can be made by credit card and / or check. Please do not send cash. You will receive your books in 23 weeks.

Does Scholastic News have an app?

School News Each editorial also contains a series of general reading questions that students can answer. Note: I call this the Scholastic News app because it is the magazine that the class subscribes to, but it is actually used with all Scholastic Classroom magazines.

Scholastic Book Club Phone Number