Definition of Schema:

  1. Broad framework, hypothesis, outline, plan, or structure useful in interpreting and organizing current information, and screening and incorporating new information.

  2. A representation of a plan or theory in the form of an outline or model.

Synonyms of Schema

Alphabet, Approach, Arrangement, Art, Attack, Blueprint, Blueprinting, Calculation, Catalog, Catalogue raisonne, Charactering, Characterization, Chart, Charting, Choreography, Conception, Contrivance, Conventional representation, Dance notation, Delineation, Demonstration, Depiction, Depictment, Design, Device, Diagram, Disposition, Drama, Drawing, Enterprise, Envisagement, Exemplification, Figuration, Figuring, Foresight, Forethought, Game, Graph, Graphing, Ground plan, Guidelines, Hieroglyphic, Iconography, Idea, Ideogram, Illustration, Imagery, Imaging, Intention, Layout, Letter, Limning, Lineup, Logogram, Logograph, Long-range plan, Map, Mapping, Master plan, Method, Methodology, Musical notation, Notation, Operations research, Organization, Outline, Pictogram, Picturization, Plan, Planning, Planning function, Portraiture, Portrayal, Prearrangement, Prefigurement, Presentment, Printing, Procedure, Program, Program of action, Projection, Rationalization, Realization, Rendering, Rendition, Representation, Schedule, Schematism, Schematization, Scheme, Scheme of arrangement, Score, Script, Setup, Strategic plan, Strategy, Syllabary, Symbol, System, Systematization, Tablature, Table, Table of contents, Tactical plan, Tactics, The big picture, The picture, Way, Working plan, Writing, Plot, Outline, Storyline, Framework, Structure, Scheme, Plan, Layout

How to use Schema in a sentence?

  1. A schema of scientific reasoning.

Meaning of Schema & Schema Definition


A general way of defining the structure, elements, and attributes available for use in a schema-compatible XML document.

In general, a schema is an XML document that is used instead of a DTD to describe other XML documents.

Code that tags elements of your website with structured information that search engines can extract and display on search results pages. For example, the scheme supports recipes that appear directly in search results.

A form of microdata that, when added to a web page, creates a detailed description (commonly called a rich snippet) that appears in search results.

Schema is a markup language that allows web developers to embed additional structured data into the HTML code of their websites. Google and other search engines may use this structured data to provide users with more detailed and accurate results.