Schedulefly Mobile

Schedulefly Mobile

How do I delete an employee on Schedulefly?

Click in the option field (3 dots) next to the employee's name in the list and select Remove Employee. You will be asked what to do with the shifts or tasks assigned to the employee to complete the action.

How do I delete a Schedulefly account in this regard?

You can also send us an email to request access, correction or deletion of the personal data you have provided. We cannot delete some elements of your personal data unless we also delete your user account.

What does WA mean on Schedulefly?

It does not represent anything. It's a complex and catchy name developed by a marketing company.

If so, how can I delete a HotSchedules employee?

Follow these steps to terminate a HotSchedules employee:
  1. Go to the Personal tab of your HotSchedules account.
  2. Select the name of the employee you want to fire from the employee list.
  3. This takes you to the employee details page.
  4. On this page, look for the Account Status menu.

How do you set up Schedulefly?iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Press the Share button on the browser toolbar: it is the rectangle with an arrow pointing upwards. It is located at the top or bottom of the screen. On the home screen, tap the Add icon, name it Schedulefly, then tap the Add button.

Does Schedulefly have an app?

This is our mobile website which works on any phone activated online. Unlike a true native app, you don't have to download any updates as we create them here on Schedulefly without you having to do anything. All you have to do to get the same icon on your phone is ...

It's that simple

What does it mean when you are inactive on HotSchedules?

Active With this status, the employee can access his personal HotSchedules account and supervisors have the option to schedule the employee in the Schedule tab. Inactive If you select this status, the employee whose name is crossed out is recorded in the Personnel tab. You can no longer connect.

Why is my HotSchedules account suspended?

Connection problem with inactive or locked HS account. Users must have an active account to access HotSchedules. You will need to contact the management team to regain access to your HotSchedules account. Accounts can be deactivated for a variety of reasons, but a manager has the ability to reactivate an employee's account.

How can I cancel a HotSchedules move?

(Click on the house change, check the box and enter I.) H - Make the change at the house change. Report a shift to the landlord. Delete key: delete a service.

What does WA mean in subtitles?

Agro Feminine

What Does WA Mean?

WA stands for Washington (short for US state postcard)

Schedulefly Mobile