Schedule Floater

Schedule Floater,

What is The Meaning of Schedule Floater?

  • Floating calendars are tabs that can be added to a home or home insurance policy to cover certain items in a calendar or list. The owner tells the insurance company what items he wants to include in the program and the insurance company will charge a special fee for the insurance.

Literal Meanings of Schedule Floater


Meanings of Schedule:
  1. Definition or schedule (an event) that occurs at a particular time.

  2. Plan to perform an action or procedure with a schedule of scheduled events and times.

  3. Attached to a formal document or law, especially in the form of a list, table or inventory.

  4. (In relation to the rule of income tax) a single form ("A", "B", etc. has been identified) which must be completed and refers to the different classes into which taxable income is distributed.

Sentences of Schedule
  1. This single is due in April

  2. We have set up an engineering program

  3. Requires a clean installation schedule and accessories

Synonyms of Schedule

line up, timetable, time, make arrangements for, plan, set up, book, organize, arrange, programme, slot in, fix a time for, scheme


Meanings of Floater:
  1. People or objects float.

  2. People who change jobs or residences frequently.

  3. A worker who has to do many things when needed.

  4. Insurance that guarantees loss of goods without specifying the location.

Sentences of Floater
  1. There are blue and brown butterflies, larger than my hand, side by side, bright yellow stripes of black butterflies, beautiful blue swimmers and green feathers gliding in the humid air.

  2. During the application of the questionnaire, there was a swimmer in each class who answered individual questions.