Schedule A

Schedule A,

Definition of Schedule A:

  1. An income tax form used to report itemized deductions to the IRS. The use of this form to itemize deductions may help an individual tax-filer to save money by reducing their overall tax liability. Some filers may receive more that the standard deduction by claiming qualified expenses such as medical and dental bills, money paid for certain tax and interest expenses on a home, or some business expenses if allowed. Since the IRS tax code changes frequently, an individual should check the current standard income tax deduction amount to determine if itemizing is in their financial interest.

  2. The Schedule A form is an optional attachment to the standard 1040 form for U.S. taxpayers reporting their annual income taxes. Claiming itemized deductions is an alternative to taking the standard deduction, and taxpayers can use whichever option will give them greater savings.

  3. Schedule A is an income tax form that U.S. taxpayers use to report their tax-deductible expenses in order to reduce the amount of money they owe.

How to use Schedule A in a sentence?

  1. An estimated 90% of taxpayers now skip the Schedule A and take the standard deduction.
  2. Tax law changes in 2017 eliminated many deductions and also nearly doubled the amount of the standard deduction. .
  3. Schedule A is the tax form used by taxpayers who choose to itemize their deductible expenses rather than take the standard deduction.

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