Sceptered Isle Meaning

Sceptered Isle Meaning

What does this island of the scepter mean?

Island of the Scepter.

/ Seven?


L // seven?



THE /?

A phrase describing England that appears in Shakespeare’s Richard II in a speech by the character of John of Ghent.

What exactly does scepter mean?

Adj. 1. Scepter with legal or official authority, especially symbolized by a scepter. authorized, geser. authorized, authorized with authority.

Who wrote this England in the same way?

William ShakespeareWe can also ask ourselves who said this island to the scepter?

William ShakespeareWhat’s the other word for scepter?

Synonyms. Staff scepter of the magic wand ball on the roadside.

Who killed Richard II Shakespeare?

Sceptered Isle Meaning