Scene Modes

Scene Modes

Many digital cameras now have an exposure mode called "Scene", where the user selects the best pre-programmed scene based on the current conditions. The camera automatically changes many settings so that the image is as good as possible. For example. Sports, Landscape, Portrait, etc.

Literal Meanings of Scene Modes


Meanings of Scene:
  1. The place of the event that attracts attention.

  2. Scene.

  3. Furniture and decor, represent the place where the action of the game takes place.

  4. Part of a dramatic work that takes place in the same place or at the same time. In the theater, several scenes usually form an act.

  5. The place, time, circumstances, etc., where something happens or where the action of a story, play, etc. takes place.

  6. A combination of objects or events that are visible or occurring at a particular time and place.

  7. Landscape or part of a landscape.

  8. Displaying passionate or strong feelings in front of others, often leading to embarrassment or fear, an artificial or feigned act, or a calculated plan of action for theatrical effect.

  9. Fictitious element.

  10. A social environment consisting of an informal and quiet group of people united by a common interest in their field, a subculture.

  11. Display as a stage to show the scene.

Sentences of Scene
  1. scene.

  2. They were the center of attention.

  3. On wings.

  4. The most touching scene is the last where he realizes he has wasted his whole life.

  5. He assessed the scene for danger and agreed it was safe.

  6. The woman made a scandal in the supermarket.

  7. He got into the emo scene early on.


Meanings of Modes:
  1. One of the many ancient Greek bowls.

  2. One of the many common scales in modern western music, one corresponds to the modern major scale and the other to the natural minor scale.

  3. A specific means of achieving something.

  4. A certain state of being or mind.

  5. The most common value in the distribution.

  6. The state of a system, represented by a particular function of that system.

  7. Any of several sets of related data processing rules in general, any state of the system associated with a particular behavior.

  8. A set of settings on a device used for a specific purpose.

  9. For example, change the gameplay. B. difficulty.

  10. (Grammar) A verb form that depends on how the content clause relates to the speaker's or writer's desire, intention, or statement about reality.

  11. That which only exists as a quality of substance.

  12. Made of lace, a small decorative detail is inserted into the pattern.

  13. Openwork between the fixed parts of the pattern.

  14. Women's jacket with hood.

  15. Popular fashion style or trend.

Sentences of Modes
  1. What was the input method?.

  2. After a series of initial setbacks, his political campaign finds itself in crisis.

  3. In insert mode, the characters entered are inserted directly into the buffer.

  4. Night mode in airplane mode.

  5. Your wardrobe is always in fashion.

Synonyms of Modes

mood, grammatical mood

Scene Modes