Definition of Scarcity:

  1. The situation is still present in all the markets where there is less product than required or where there is little money to buy from potential buyers. This global trend leads to the definition of economics as the science of allocating scarce resources.

  2. A state of scarcity or shortage of supply.

Synonyms of Scarcity

Rarity, Want, Paucity, Seldomness, Stinginess, Dearth, Occasionalness, Inadequateness, Scantiness, Scantness, Thinness, Fewness, Shortage, Rareness, Poverty, Unfrequentness, Scant, Miserliness, Poverty, Infrequency, Skimpiness, Chintziness, Scant sufficiency, Need, Slowness, Absence, Sparsity, Undersupply, Lack, Meagreness, Tightness, Shortage, Niggardliness, Unusualness, Insufficiency, Exiguity, Uncommonness, Restrictedness, Deficiency, Stringency, Dearth, Insufficiency, Lack, Scrimpiness, Underage, Uniqueness, Want, Chinchiness, Scantiness, Scarceness, Infrequence, Sparseness, Smallness, Meagerness, Paucity, Scarceness, Inadequacy, Sparseness

How to use Scarcity in a sentence?

  1. There was a shortage of food as thieves continued to steal food at night despite having guards.
  2. Hard time.
  3. When the blizzard started, residents looked for bread and milk in shops, as impassable roads increase the shortage of basic products.
  4. The law of supply and demand makes it clear that the price of a resource is determined by the number of people who need it or need it because of its scarcity.

Meaning of Scarcity & Scarcity Definition