Definition of Scanner:

  1. A device for examining, reading, or monitoring something.

  2. Computer peripheral or a stand-alone device that converts a document, film, graphic, or photograph to a digital image, manipulable through an appropriate software. When used with an optical character recognition (OCR) software, a scanner can convert printed, typewritten (and, with some devices, handwritten) text into a digital file that can be read by a word processor.

  3. Alternative term for barcode reader.

Synonyms of Scanner

Detector, Scanner, Recorder

How to use Scanner in a sentence?

  1. The cashier used a scanner on all of my grocery items so that they could input the price of the items a lot easier than entering them manually.
  2. Kelly used the new scanner in her home office to share old family photographs with the readers of her blog.
  3. Using a scanner can be a quick and efficient way to make a copy of a drivers license or pass port if you need that done.

Meaning of Scanner & Scanner Definition

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For example, a device that captures a two-dimensional object. business document to bitstream using raster scanning and quantization.

An optical device that converts images, such as photographs, into a digital format so that they can be stored and edited on a computer. Different lighting techniques allow the light to pass through red, green and blue filters and digitize the image in a stream of pixels.