Definition of Scale:

  1. Each of the small, thin horny or bony plates protecting the skin of fish and reptiles, typically overlapping one another.

  2. A flaky covering or deposit.

  3. Remove scale or scales from.

  4. Concept, device, or procedure used in arranging, measuring, or quantifying events, objects, or phenomenon in any sequence. Scales may be broadly classified as (1) Category scale: Sequence of numbers or words which only serve to identify certain entities or observations and have no quantitative significance; for example, a numbered or named list, or numbers on the uniforms of the members of a team. Also called nominal scale or qualitative scale. (2) Interval scale: Sequence of numbers in a fixed order representing amount, interval, or numeric values; for example, a distance or temperature scale. Also called quantitative scale. (3) Sequence scale: Ranked entities or items with a uniform spacing but no quantitative significance; for example, hardness scale (Mohs scale), pH Scale, or Richter scale. Also called ordinal scale.

  5. Ratio of the size of an object as drawn to its actual size. See also scale drawing.

  6. (especially of the skin) form scales.

  7. A thick, dry flake of skin.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Scale


Origin of word Scale

Late Middle English from Latin scala ‘ladder’ (the verb via Old French escaler or medieval Latin scalare ‘climb’), from the base of Latin scandere ‘to climb’.

Synonyms of Scale

Flake, Plate, Danish balance, Indian file, Lambert conformal projection, Mercator projection, Miller projection, Roman balance, Weightometer, Accommodation ladder, Adjust, Aeronautical chart, Alloy balance, Amount, Amplitude, Analytical balance, Area, Arrange in layers, Array, Articulation, Ascend, Assay balance, Astronomical chart, Atlas, Azimuthal equidistant projection, Azimuthal projection, Balance, Balance of precision, Bank, Barometer, Barrel scale, Beam, Bigness, Board, Body, Breach, Breadth, Break, Breakage, Bulk, Bullion balance, Burst, Bust, Buzz, Cake, Caking, Caliber, Calibration, Canon, Carry, Cartographer, Cartography, Catena, Catenation, Celestial chart, Celestial globe, Chain, Chain reaction, Chaining, Chart, Check, Chip, Chip off, Chorographer, Chorography, Chromatic scale, Clamber, Clamber up, Cleft, Climatic chart, Climb, Climb over, Climb up, Coat, Coating, Compass, Concatenation, Conic projection, Connection, Consecution, Continuum, Contour line, Contour map, Counter scale, Course, Coverage, Crack, Criterion, Crust, Cut, Cycle, Cylinder scale, Cylindrical projection, Dandruff, Decorticate, Decrease, Degree, Delaminate, Depth, Descent, Desquamate, Diameter, Diapason, Dimension, Dimensions, Diminish, Dodecuple scale, Doorstep, Drone, Drum scale, Enamel, Encrustation, Endless belt, Endless round, Enharmonic scale, Enlarge, Escalade, Escalate, Eschar, Exfoliate, Expanse, Expansion, Extension, Extension ladder, Extent, Facing, Fan scale, File, Filiation, Film, Fissure, Flake, Flake off, Flexure plate scale, Floccule, Flocculus, Flock, Folding ladder, Footrest, Footstep, Foray, Fracture, Fur, Gamut, Gangway ladder, Gap, Gauge, General reference map, Girth, Globe, Gnomonic projection, Go up, Gradation, Grade, Graduated scale, Graduation, Graphic scale, Great scale, Greatness, Grid line, Hachure, Height, Heliographic chart, Hierarchy, Hum, Hydrographic chart, Imbrication, Increase, Incrustation, Index, Inroad, Interval, Inundate, Invade, Isoline, Lacquer, Ladder, Lamella, Lamina, Laminate, Largeness, Latitude, Lay down, Lay up, Layer, Layer tint, Leap, Legend, Length, Level, Lever scales, Line, Lineage, Long-arm balance, Longitude, Lower, Magnitude, Major scale, Make a raid, Make an inroad, Map, Map maker, Map projection, Mapper, Mark, Mass, Measure, Measurement, Melodic minor, Meridian, Minor scale, Model, Monotone, Mount, Nexus, Norm, Notch, Nuance, Octave scale, Overlay, Overwhelm, Paint, Pair of scales, Parallel, Parameter, Paring, Pas, Pastry shell, Pattern, Peel, Peg, Pellicle, Pendulum, Pentatonic scale, Period, Periodicity, Photogrammetrist, Photogrammetry, Photomap, Phototopography, Physical map, Piecrust, Pitch, Plane, Plaque, Plate, Plate fulcrum scale, Plateau, Platform scale, Plenum, Point, Political map, Polyconic projection, Powder train, Precision balance, Precision scale, Progression, Projection, Proportion, Proportions, Prorate, Quantity, Quarter ladder, Queue, Radius, Raid, Raise, Ramp, Range, Rank, Ranking, Rate, Ratio, Reach, Reading, Readout, Recurrence, Reduce, Register, Regulate, Relief map, Remove, Rent, Representative fraction, Rest, Reticulation, Revetment, Rift, Rip, Riser, Road map, Rotation, Round, Routine, Row, Rule, Run, Rundle, Rung, Rupture, Scab, Scale off, Scale the heights, Scale the walls, Scales, Scope, Scrabble up, Scramble up, Scum, Scurf, Scute, Scutum, Sequence, Series, Shade, Shadow, Shaving, Shell, Shin, Shin up, Shinny, Short-arm balance, Single file, Sinusoidal projection, Size, Skin, Slash, Slice, Slit, Snap, Space, Special map, Spectrum, Spiral balance, Splinter, Split, Spoke, Spread, Stair, Stalactite, Stalagmite, Standard, Stave, Step, Step stool, Stepladder, Stepping-stone, Stern ladder, Stint, Storm, Stratify, Stretch, String, Strip, Struggle up, Succession, Surmount, Swath, Sweep, Take by storm, Tartar, Tear, Temperament, Terrain map, Terrestrial globe, Test, Thematic map, Thread, Tier, Topographer, Topographic chart, Topography, Touchstone, Train, Transportation map, Tread, Tuning, Type, Upclimb, Upgo, Value, Varnish, Veneer, Volume, Weather chart, Weather map, Weigh scales, Weighbridge, Weighing machine, Weight voltameter, Whole-tone scale, Width, Windrow, Yardstick

How to use Scale in a sentence?

  1. He scales the fish and removes the innards.
  2. During the course of the experiment, the scientists triple beam scale made collecting and analyzing data about various item weights simple and efficient for the entire team.
  3. When the couple couldnt decide how to determine the weight of the objects, they bought a scale to calculate said weight for them, coming out to a determined number.
  4. When the architect was drawing a model of the Empire State Building, he used a scale of 100:1 because he wanted it to all fit on one piece of paper.
  5. The skin may scale and peel away with itching, stinging, or burning sensations in the infected area.
  6. If left untreated, the scale may become thick, yellow and greasy and, occasionally, secondary bacterial infection may occur.
  7. Use your hands to spread the potato slices out so that they overlap like unruly fish scales, but are not more than 1 or 2 layers thick.
  8. Brushing your babys scalp with a soft brush, like a toothbrush, can help loosen scales or flakes.

Meaning of Scale & Scale Definition