Scale On Carpet

Scale On Carpet

How to read carpet scale correctly?

Yes. Scaling on a hard board works as long as the board is level and level.

As long as the only thing hovering over the R / Arigram is the support leg, you should read it carefully. When you put the scale on the carpet and stand on it, the scale sinks into the net and part of the carpet sinks under the scale, not just your feet. This makes the weight look lighter because the weight is not 100% at the base of the scale. Placing the plate must prevent the mat from being pressed and parts that will not be pressed.

This app is for any scale of this design where the foot is pressed to weigh. If you have a scale design where the floor is flat (one foot) and the platform is the moving part which is pushed to weigh, you will not have the same problem with the weight on the mat, but you However, it is important to make sure that the carpet does not make a difference. All stairs should be level.

Stairs on the mat

Yes, if you measure on a piece of wood, the reading will be correct.

The correct way to weigh is a stable R. The mat is soft and causes weight errors. You can try both by putting at least 5 labs weight on them :)

This is still not necessary because plywood always gives way to the carpet.

Scale On Carpet