Definition of Scab:

  1. Employee who (1) continues to work during strike action at the place of work, (2) accepts work where strike action is going on, (3) takes work in a non-union shop or (4) under non-union conditions where a union is trying to organize a unit. Also called black leg.

Synonyms of Scab

Abscess, Aposteme, Bed sore, Birthmark, Blackhead, Blackleg, Blain, Bleb, Blemish, Blister, Boil, Bubo, Bulla, Bunion, Canker, Canker sore, Carbuncle, Chancre, Chancroid, Check, Chilblain, Cicatrix, Cicatrize, Close up, Cold sore, Comedo, Crack, Crater, Craze, Crust, Deface, Defacement, Defect, Deform, Deformation, Deformity, Disfiguration, Disfigure, Disfigurement, Distort, Distortion, Effloresce, Encrust, Eschar, Fault, Felon, Fester, Festering, Fever blister, Fink, Fistula, Flaw, Freckle, Furuncle, Furunculus, Gathering, Granulate, Gumboil, Heal, Heal over, Hemangioma, Hemorrhoids, Hickey, Incrust, Incrustation, Keloid, Kibe, Kink, Knit, Lentigo, Lesion, Loricate, Mar, Milium, Mole, Needle scar, Nevus, Papula, Papule, Paronychia, Parulis, Pastry shell, Petechia, Piecrust, Piles, Pimple, Pit, Pock, Pockmark, Polyp, Port-wine mark, Port-wine stain, Pustule, Rat, Rift, Right itself, Rising, Scab over, Scale, Scar, Scarify, Scratch, Sebaceous cyst, Set, Shell, Soft chancre, Sore, Split, Stalactite, Stalagmite, Stigma, Strawberry mark, Strikebreaker, Sty, Suppuration, Swelling, Track, Tubercle, Twist, Ulcer, Ulceration, Verruca, Vesicle, Wale, Warp, Wart, Weal, Welt, Wen, Wheal, Whelk, Whitehead, Whitlow, Wound

How to use Scab in a sentence?

  1. When John skinned his knee learning how to skateboard, it bled for a little while, but then it formed a scab and for the rest of the week he kept picking at the scab and making the scrape bleed again.
  2. If your company ever goes on strike it is important to not be a scab if you want to have a good reputation with your peers.
  3. I hurt my leg the other day by falling on the ground and today I noticed that I had a scab on my knee from the incident.

Meaning of Scab & Scab Definition