"say-on-pay" Provision

"say-on-pay" Provision,

How To Define "say-on-pay" Provision?

  1. "say-on-pay" Provision can be defined as, An important provision of the Dodd-Frank Act, which requires public companies to submit their executive compensation plans every three years, is a non-binding advisory vote of shareholders. However, since these terms are purely consultative in nature, companies do not need to change their compensation based on shareholder votes. In addition, companies that ignore shareholder comments can do so with an exception, as the law does not approve companies that reject the vote. Since the Seven Pay clauses have been applied, only a fraction of the shareholders' votes have been recorded. And even for companies that do not implement changes to executive compensation plans (in response to a lack of votes), there are no material consequences of liability. One of the measures used by the plaintiffs' attorneys was to take legal action before the Seven Pay vote was cast. Instead of questioning the size of the executive compensation plan, the lawsuit alleges that the company did not provide shareholders with significant information to deliberately vote on the executive compensation plan.

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