Definition of Saturation:

  1. A state or process that occurs when something else cannot be absorbed, added, or added.

  2. The status, point, or stage in which an article cannot be included in a particular medium or market.

Synonyms of Saturation

High tide, Plunge, Color, Permeation, Soakage, Satiation, Marination, Infusion, Ducking, Snootful, High water, Injection, Chromaticity, Overload, Overfullness, Pervasion, More than enough, Chromatic color, Penetration, Plethora, Dunking, Immersion, Glut, Soak, Ducking, Tint, Congestion, Colorimetric quality, Drench, Lixiviation, Purity, Munsell chroma, Satiety, Brilliance, Leaching, Interpenetration, Neutral color, Drenching, Pulping, Fullness, Satisfaction, Overbrimming, Value, Technicolor, Dunking, Pure color, Cool color, Brewing, Overspill, Saturatedness, Instillment, Intensity, Overcharge, Tone, Overweight, Gorgeousness, Repletion, Decoction, Hyperemia, Full, Colorfulness, Fill, Bright color, Soaking, Lightness, Chroma, Sopping, Impregnation, Infiltration, Skinful, Flood tide, Engorgement, Imbruement, Overflow, Saturation point, Maceration, Surfeit, Plenitude, Souse, Overburden, Vividness, Spring tide, Bellyful, Seething, Richness, Supersaturation, Hue, Percolation, Sousing, Warm color, Instillation, Overfreight, Amplitude, Steeping, Surcharge, Impletion, Gaiety, Brightness, Imbuement, Suffusion, Color quality

How to use Saturation in a sentence?

  1. The source on the left side of the hill is permanently below the saturation level.

Meaning of Saturation & Saturation Definition