Saturation point

Saturation point,

Definition of Saturation point:

  1. Level of total sales volume at which a market becomes a saturated market.

  2. The stage at which no more of a substance can be absorbed into a vapor or dissolved into a solution.

Synonyms of Saturation point

Activity, Amplitude, Artificial radioactivity, Bellyful, Congestion, Contamination, Curiage, Decontamination, Engorgement, Fallout, Fill, Flood tide, Full, Fullness, Glut, Half-life, High tide, High water, Impletion, More than enough, Natural radioactivity, Nuclear radiation, Overfullness, Plenitude, Plethora, Radiant energy, Radiation, Radioactive radiation, Radioactivity, Radiocarbon dating, Radiolucency, Radiopacity, Radiosensibility, Radiosensitivity, Repletion, Satiation, Satiety, Satisfaction, Saturatedness, Saturation, Skinful, Snootful, Specific activity, Spring tide, Supersaturation, Surfeit

How to use Saturation point in a sentence?

  1. Crystallisation occurs when the concentration of two ions exceeds their saturation point in the solution.

Meaning of Saturation point & Saturation point Definition