Sasuke Akatsuki

Sasuke Akatsuki

Was Sasuke Akatsuki?

Yes he will go In this manga he and his team (Falcon) took part in a mission sent by eight to capture 8 tails (see Chapter 410416 for details, as it Has mastered the strongest type of mental jutsu and jinjusu). A strong character described by Ara and the essentials to become the strongest ninja in the world !!!

Sasuke Akatsuki

Sasuke first absorbs Orochimaro and then forms his own team. He called it a snake. After winning Atichi and Magno Sharangan, he renamed his team Hawk.

The only reason he did that was because he had the power to take over the business of Konoha and so on.

Azumaki Minato and Naruto. And Jaraya!

Yes, Lesotho joins Sisuke Aktsuki to get the Village.

Atchi and Haku: D

No, he created his own laziness

Am I close to Giara (wle and come back to life he never saw and seriously why he has Chio) or Kassim (we should have fought the Suzukis but Kashmoto completely forgot that he did this I'm so interested in Sasuke because of the fight)? v Itachi) I'm so sad that I forgot my favorite character because of Sasuke ... Damn Sasuke!

Sasuke Akatsuki

Sasuke Akatsuki

Sasuke pretended to join the army with Aksuki to destroy Konsuwa.

My favorite character is Kakashi Hatik Kapi Ninja

On the one hand, he did, but he was not cool enough to become a member of Atsuki

My favorites are Payne, Atachi and Deedara.

You and my favorite character is Itachi

Sasuke Akatsuki