Sassy In Spanish

Sassy In Spanish

How do you say sy in Spanish?

I will try it

The correct translation of s really depends on the context. Look, in English you can call someone good and kind, but if you use a naughty or good translation, you will use words that have a negative connotation in Spanish.

By the way, most free web-based translations are cool and cool.

Now, when you use it rudely, you're really saying that someone is old, and so on.

If you are describing yourself as someone who is alive, happy or someone else, it is better to translate these words.

What helps, for example?

Naughty = C / Naughty.

Dynamic = dynamic.

Brave = brave / year.

Come back:

How do you say sy in Spanish?

Salsa / Osi as a pleasant and spicy person

Answer, mutter, talk to mom, type

Naughty little naughty, sy

Sassy In Spanish

Sassy In Spanish

No spark, dynamic

You are very ugly

There will be a bid

Christia explained very well.

Sassy In Spanish