Sara Calaway

Sara Calaway

Question from Mark and Sarah Calloway?

Tse's fake profile is an online roster of WWE talent that has messes, and Undertaker is not one of them. Also, Sarah doesn't work for WWE. She used to work for it, but it's over.

In addition, many current and former WWE fighters have confirmed that Tucker has been with Mice McColl for some time. Tory Wilson confirmed this about a year ago.

Sarah Clawe.

Sara Calaway

Sara Calaway

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Mark and Sarah Calloway asked.

First of all, for anyone who thinks Mark (The Undertaker) Calloway and his wife Sarah are divorced, everyone thinks it's wrong. To prove it, I looked at their spelling and including their profile, it was clear that they were both married. This item uses ...

First, you are absolutely wrong. Tucker and Sarah divorced in 2007. Don't think that Meow knows all the superstars because most of them are fake. Catchers and rats are not just friends.

The status mouse profile is also set to married.

Sarah and Mark are divorced and married to a rat. No one believes!

Well, you are one of them. Do you think Tse's profile is really a funeral and Sarah ?? Do you really think the real janitor will comment on your wife's profile? Hello dear say hello i love you You are divorced or in the process of getting divorced. Now that he's got the McCall mouse, it's no longer a secret. This is also the reason why Sarah's tattoo was removed from her neck.

1. You cannot change your information on your page.

2. If they're still together, why did the Undertaker remove the tattoo with Sarah?

I know they are divorced. Tucker cheated on the WWE diva. It's no secret. I'm with McColl.

No offense but are you 12 years old?

Everyone will know that this profile was created by the installer.

Sara Calaway