Definition of SAP:

  1. A German software company whose products allow companies to track business and customer interactions. SAP is known for its data management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs. SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products.

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  2. Liquids, especially dissolved sugars and mineral water, circulate in the vascular system of plants.

  3. It gradually weakens or destroys (a person's strength or power).

Phonetic Pronunciation of SAP


Origin of word SAP

Early 19th century abbreviation of dialect sapskull ‘person with a head like sapwood’, from sap (in the sense ‘sapwood’) + skull.

Synonyms of SAP

Wear away, Weaken, Dematerialize, Stooge, Leadpipe cinch, Heart, Liquid extract, Dampen, Dugout, Beverage, Subvert, Toy, Dig out, Flying sap, Devitalize, Unnerve, Tunnel, Spade, Disembody, Double sap, Consume, Gallery, Quiddity, Bore, Foxhole, Material, Gouge out, Fluid extract, Disable, Wreck, Center, Communication trench, Goof, Essential, Axiom, Juice, Quarry, Asshole, Fluid mechanics, Gruel, Cramp, Greener, Drive, Unstring, Moat, Ditch, Debilitate, Honeycomb, Lessen, Sink, Easy mark, Pushover, Jerk, Jerk-off, Knock out, Approach trench, Etherealize, Semiliquid, Postulate, Plaything, Sitting duck, Liquor, Mitigate, Impair, Plant fluid, Substance, Abate, Cinch, Scoop out, Easy pickings, Fluid, Bleed, Damp, Flower, Klutz, Undermine, Monkey, Lay low, Coupure, Dig, Fosse, Deplete, Cull, Gull, Fundamental, Sum and substance, Rarefy, Matter, Drill, Mutt, Hypostasis, Throw over, Cripple, Mine, Dull, Nucleus, Kernel, Innocent, Boob, Exhaust, Hydrogeology, Patsy, Life fluid, Sucker, Undermine, Victim, Distillation, Milk, Quid, Fish, The nitty-gritty, Gobe-mouches, Medium, Burrow, Ruin, Entrenchment, Subtilize, Nuts and bolts, Gudgeon, Parallel, Essence, Wear down, Deplete, Drain, Grub, Core, Secretion, Blunt, Reduce, Water, Scrape, Abri, Destroy, Quintessence, Trough, Extenuate, Trench, Pith, Latex, Countermine, Greenhorn, Babe, Meat, Overset, Gist, Delve, Hydraulics, Blood, Eviscerate, Fabric, Reduce, Furrow, Greeny, Booby, Overthrow, Shake up, Overturn, Drain, Inner essence, Exhaust, Deaden, Slit trench, Ding-a-ling, Enervate, Scoop, Whey, Dupe, Mark, Excavate, Dredge, Focus, Gravamen, Dingdong, Lower, Scrabble, Prize sap, Shake, Erode, Distillate, Soften up, Unman, Spiritualize, Fool, Pigeon, Groove, Chump, Spirit, Lower, Liquor, Unbrace, Trusting soul, Schlemiel, Gouge, Scratch, Enfeeble, Upset, Throw down, Principle, Credulous person, Marrow, Dike, Attenuate, Saphead, Liquid, Stuff, Rattle, Shovel, Fall guy, Elixir, Soul, Nub, Vital fluid, Sap the foundations, Unstrengthen, Fortified tunnel, Galoot, Bunker, Juice, Sawney, Dingbat, Liquid, Attenuate, Fire trench, Upend, Sabotage, Drink

How to use SAP in a sentence?

  1. The American company chose SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Software for its quality and price, although it is a German product.
  2. Develop a living variety that includes berries, leaves, fruits, nectar, nuts, pollen, juice and seed plants so that creatures can eat whatever they want.
  3. We run out of energy with bureaucrats and politicians.
  4. This type of engineering work for SAP. I have heard that it is a very large company to operate and they pay a very good price.

Meaning of SAP & SAP Definition