Sanitary Fittings

Sanitary Fittings,

Sanitary Fittings:

  • Sanitary Fittings means: Bathroom accessories such as bathtubs, shower panels, beds, toilets and water tanks, platforms, shower dividers, shower trays and sinks

Literal Meanings of Sanitary Fittings


Meanings of Sanitary:
  1. In relation to hygiene and health conditions, ie supply of drainage and drinking water.

Sentences of Sanitary
  1. Plumbing technician


Meanings of Fittings:
  1. Small parts with furniture or appliances.

  2. The act of adjusting something.

  3. Appropriate or reasonable in reasonable or reasonable circumstances.

  4. It fits something or someone in a certain way.

Sentences of Fittings
  1. Walnut wooden pots

  2. New Engine Assembly Shipyard

  3. Reasonable reward

Synonyms of Fittings

connection, situating, installation, attachment, fixing, putting in, install, installing, apt, suitable, appropriate, apposite, placing