What is Sandbagging?

Sandbagging refers to In court, it is legal practice not to mention possible irregularities that may occur during a trial in the hope that they will not be detected and that the lawyer will be able to use them as a legal basis.

Meanings of Sandbagging

  1. Barricaded with sandbags.

  2. Hit or hit with a piercing bag, or like you did.

  3. Deliberately inferior to a race or competition to gain an unfair advantage.

  4. A bag of sand, usually used for defensive purposes or as a ballast in ships.

Sentences of Sandbagging

  1. We had to break down the door

  2. He is a complex character who often finds himself in the sand due to destructive tendencies.

  3. Finally, the sand was mixed with archaeological debris to fill sandbags used to protect military positions.

Synonyms of Sandbagging

bridle , hinder , hold down , hog-tie , outlaw , bar , ward , stymie , obstruct , bit , forbid , repress , put on brakes , enjoin , taboo , restrain , hang up , constrain , keep in , check , withhold , prohibit , suppress , interdict , frustrate